ICY Presents: Dynasty NYFW SS20

One of my most anticipated shows this NYFW season was ICY. ICY is an online global platform that features emerging Chinese designers. This year, they presented collections from HUIMAN; LEAF XIA; FENGYI TAN; ALL COMES FROM NOTHING.





The collection highlights both traditionalism and modernism; as seen in more traditional Asian inspired wear and the more modern body suit looks . The collection encircles simplicity in all it’s forms; colors, accessories, and design.



Leaf Xiu takes us into her mystical world full of plentiful colors, dreams, fantasy,and joyfulness. Having met her backstage before the show, I can see how much she emanates all of these qualities; not just in her designs and clothing collections, but also in her character. Leaf Xiu has the most bubbly and cute personality I’ve ever seen; just like her designs. And the details in her art have a playful surrealism that draws you in.



Designer Fengyi Tan incorporates multimedia, futurism, elastic materials, and technology in her designs; challenging the limits of the body and movement through art. While the clothing designs were beautifully created and displayed on the runway, the accessories held the gaze of the audience. The hats which were a mix between sun visors and enclosed sun hats, half encompassed the head; making sure the hair exposed was not damped by the eccentricities of the hat; bringing attention to both head and hair. Slinky inspired earrings were wrapped from ear to ear around the back of the model’s head, and shoes with boxy soles and heels walked down the runway.



Frills, cranes, and simplicity. Embroidered into the collection was designer Eva Xu’s brand name which speaks for itself; All Comes From Nothing. Simplicity being embedded in the brand, was featured in the minimalistic color palate; blue, black, khaki, and green.