Young at Heart; The Youthful Dreamer

It is never quite evident to me what the meaning of a photo is when I initially take it. But when I reflect on it, work with the feelings of it, the meaning becomes unmasked; unraveled. Working with older models is something quite new to me. When I first started, I probably would have said […]

Fashion Hong Kong FW16 #Throwback #FBF – My First Season

My first season of fashion week… almost 3 years ago. Can you believe it? However, after all this time one of my favorite collections was from this very show. Originally these were shot for The Skinny NYC, however I wanted to start featuring some of the photos I’ve taken “way back when” on my blog right […]

Indonesian Diversity NYFW

Photographer Kensey Jean – www.KenseyJean.comIndonesian Diversity NYFW SS19 starred three designers; Vivi Zubedi, Kimberly Tandra, and Coreta Louise. The purpose of the multi-collection is to drive awareness to Indonesian culture and their home. The opening featured dancers Vivi Zubedi Vivi Zubedi’s NYFW SS19 Collection was inspired by the city of Marrakech. Vivi incorporated her inspiration […]

Vivi Zubedi NYFW FW18

Photographer Kensey Jean – www.KenseyJean.comVivi Zubedi’s designs adhere to being sleek, modest, and luxury. Winter can be a boring and an uninspiring season for most. Often, it is the time of year where thing’s run slow, and fashion looks the same. Being drawn to the more colorful spectrum, I often see how often people wear […]

F/FFFFFF NYFW Spring 2019 Debut

    Photographer Kensey Jean – www.KenseyJean.comIt’s always an honor to be amidst art that resonates with the soul. As per my previous posts I have mentioned, I have decided to become more selective as to which shows and designers I wish to cover and attend. F/FFFFFF did not fail to disappoint. Photographer Kensey Jean –  […]

Ruby Fang NYFW SS19

Photographer Kensey Jean – www.KenseyJean.comRuby Fang has created some brilliantly strong female looks this season, NYFW SS19. Fabrics used such as tulle and satin each adhere to the feminine look. Fang also includes her knowledge of Chinese embroidery in her collection. Taking a closer look, many of the pieces include the Chinese traditional colors of reds, […]

Ozlana SS19

Photographer Kensey Jean –  Photographer Kensey Jean –  Photographer Kensey Jean – “Australian brand Ozlana presented their much-anticipated new collection DREAM STILL____ at New York Fashion Week. An edgy yet romantic take on street couture, the new collection highlighted their experimental textiles, quality fabrics, and sustainable artisan techniques. The mood at the runway was […]

Alessandro Trincone – My Favorite Designer of NYFWM SS19, The “Avvolgimi” Collection

Alessandro Trincone NYFW SS19 – Photographer Kensey Jean – www.KenseyJean.comAlessandro Trincone’s work never fails to amaze me. He has been one of my favorite designers for a while. So by me saying that Trincone’s show for the NYFWM SS19 Season, titled “Avvolgimi”, was one of my faves, I don’t take that lightly. A few years […]

Fluidity in Life; The flow of Water

“Change the perspective and you change the life. Let it flow as water should. Water is always changing and so our perspectives and beliefs must change along with it.” -Kensey Jean Photographer Kensey Jean – www.KenseyJean.comWhen I think of water, I think of Lao Tzu and the Tao Te Ching. Great philosophical book if you […]