Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Kensey Jean.


I am many things; photographer, visual consultant, influencer, blogger, entrepreneur, spiritual seeker, philosopher, investor.


Rather than one descriptor, I wish to represent myself in all the many aspects, gifts, angles, and aptitudes of my soul being.


I am an Influencer of Soul. Beauty and Art are what captivate me. Photography is what enlivens my soul. Thoughts of meaning, depth, and wonder enthrall my essence. The continuous journey to Self is what I wish to encourage in others. Through the use of blogging, I am able to awaken within others new and timeless realizations. And with traveling, I am able to challenge my views of the world and enjoy all the many different ways of being in relation to culture and society. Creating and using visuals as a tool, I feel that this is a wonderful way to combine and express the many aspects of one’s soul in the external world.



I am the co-creator and developer of PrismofSoul; as part of a Twin-duo, Prism of Soul is an ongoing project of collective thoughts, visuals, and expansions of conciousness, as we travel the outer and inner worlds together.


Long Island . NYC . Worldwide

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