Young at Heart; The Youthful Dreamer

It is never quite evident to me what the meaning of a photo is when I initially take it. But when I reflect on it, work with the feelings of it, the meaning becomes unmasked; unraveled. Working with older models is something quite new to me. When I first started, I probably would have said […]

Fluidity in Life; The flow of Water

“Change the perspective and you change the life. Let it flow as water should. Water is always changing and so our perspectives and beliefs must change along with it.” -Kensey Jean Photographer Kensey Jean – www.KenseyJean.comWhen I think of water, I think of Lao Tzu and the Tao Te Ching. Great philosophical book if you […]

#GRLPWR, Femininity, Singledom, and Ego (NYFW FW18 2018) – New York Fashion Week

Photographer Kensey Jean by Silvia @SillyGraphy_ – – NYFW FW18Why am I single? This is a question that I continuously ask myself. If it were up to me I’d have been married, or engaged, or at least in a meaningful relationship by now. I’m thankful that isn’t the case though. Only at the ripe age […]

SHIPP’S STARS. The Year of Broke. (NYFW FW18 2018) – New York Fashion Week

 #SuzyKassem #ComingForthIntoTheLight Shipp’s Stars – Photographer Kensey Jean – – NYFW FW18 SHIPP’S STARS. A pre-owned hat that spoke to me. Photographer Kensey Jean – – NYFW FW18 – Forgive my wrinkled skirt.. the outfit was rushed together in 10min haha!I have many dreams for myself as I flow along this current we call […]

State of Surrender (NYFW FW18 2018) – New York Fashion Week

Photographer Kensey Jean – – NYFW FW18 “By letting go it all gets done” Lao Tzu   Life leads us to surrender sometimes. I think not many people understand the term, “surrender.” Surrender to some might mean “to give up”, but it also means “let go and allow.” As I have walked my path, […]

High Priestess Tarot Inspired Photoshoot

By KenseyJean Photos and Media are Copyrighted KenseyJean, please ask for permission (and properly credit and link back to my site/social media) before using. Location: Times Square and Bryant Park, NY Team: Photographer Cinematographer – KenseyJean Behind the Scenes – Silvia ( SSSSS.910 | Sillygraphy_ ) and Kensey Makeup Artist – Susie Lee ( INSTAGRAM ) Model – Shallen Sabino ( INSTAGRAM ) Jewelry – Pauletta Brooks Wearable Art ( INSTAGRAM | WEB | ETSY ) Assistants – Erica Almquist and Silvia […]

Strength of Character – New York Fashion Week NYFW FW18 – Kensey Jean

The outfit is beautiful, but there is something to say in those that can stand in their divinity and share it with the world. In an outfit that speaks#feminine, I think many men shy away in embracing that side of themselves. The dainty and delicate look takes a lot of courage. The#cupcake, the #pinks, the curled […]

I AM Kensey Jean – Get to know me!

Hello! I am Kensey Jean. I owe my friend Chandra (@chandralm) a lot of props for getting me on here; it was one of those intuitive nudges I’m sure many of you have had; when you know something is to be a part of your destiny and that you should jump on it. So I […]