South Korea

During October 2016, Kensey traveled South Korea solo to explore, network, and immerse herself in Korean culture. She was always fond of Asian culture since her childhood and teen years, but it took her till the age of 23 and booking her second ticket to Korea, the first as a failed attempt two years prior, to finally make her dream of visiting a reality. During her one-month stay, she has attended Seoul Fashion Week SS17 (fashion content published on TheSkinnyNYC),traveled Seoul and Busan, networked with like-minded creatives, held photo shoots with Korean models, and took photos of the daily life in Korea. Not every adventure is roses however, Kensey had experienced what is commonly known as “culture shock.” With several months later, she was able to process the things she had experienced on her travels including racism. She feels all these tower moments, struggle, and strife, has added to her building a wider perception of the world and the impact culture makes on the people of society. And while there are many similarities due to an ever modernizing world, she has come to understand that the ways of life are different between the Eastern world and the Western world. For better and for worse. For the tears and for the joys. And while we paint beautiful pictures in our minds as children often do, the reality and world of experience paints a different picture. This journey to South Korea had jump started Kensey Jean’s thirst for traveling the world. And no setback, such as those she had experienced from her first solo – international – intercultural adventure can stop her from getting back up and continuing to manifest her dreams into reality. Resilience to it’s finest.

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