Fashion Week

Photographer Kensey Jean; NYFW FW19

Kensey Jean; NYFW FW19 – photo by Maria


Photographing countless seasons of NYFW and Seoul Fashion Week over the years, Kensey Jean has compiled a collection of works and has honed her skills in the fashion week arena. Over the years she has become more selective of which shows she attends, and wishes to expand beyond herself and beyond the industry of seasons. For Kensey, working on projects that hold a timeless and profound meaning are most important. She is in favor of fashion and art with a potent message, of being in line with and being more kind to the Earth (in which we live for but a short time), the people in which live to help produce our dreams, and the good that is given back to society beyond ourselves. The true purpose, Kensey Jean believes, is what society benefits from us. What stories will continue to live on in our name after our time is done. And what good we can do for others. Learn more about Kensey Jean.

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