Hello there, thanks for diving a little deeper! Here you will find my starting rates. Rates are subject to additional fees that might be required in order to deliver products tailored to your individual needs. These rates are for digital products only.



Rate starts at $2000 / 5 hour day

I am all for traveling the world! Or the country. Or even the state. Let me know what you need covered and let’s meet there! This is the highest package that I offer for those who require premium and luxury coverage. The ideal individual looking for this package would be Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, Influencers, Authors, and Musicians looking to market their brand with commericalized content. This is for individuals who require utmost trust and care, and in some cases non-disclosure agreements. Airfare, accomodations, food, and travel costs are not included. Due to traveling and potential high volume work based on your needs, the delivery of digitals will require additional time to be processed. As per agreement.



Rate starts at $300 / hour

Includes photographer’s assistant


Highly recommended: second photographer + third photographer add ons. I can not stress this enough. Not only do second photographers (equally professional and experienced) add wonderful new angles to photos, if something God-forbid, were to happen, a moment will not be missed. This is your day! The day you’ve been planning for a long time and countless hours and stress have been put into making this day special. While people seek me out and book me based on personality, professionalism, and aesthetic, some people (very very rare) will be unhappy with the product I deliver for whatever reason that may be. Why not add the extra insurance? You’ll be so glad you did! Quality comes first!




Rate starts at $250 / hour

I cover all kinds of events. Bar Mitzvahs, half birthdays, first birthdays, engagement celebrations, etc. Commercial events: corporate, product launches, conferences, meet and greets etc.




Engagements / Portraits / Fashion

Rate starts at $300 / hour and 15 edited+retouched photos.




  • EDITED PHOTOS are those that are color corrected, adjusted such as in brightness, coolness, warmth, crop, etc.
  • RETOUCHED PHOTOS are those that are treated by hand. Such as removal of blemishes, wrinkles, weight adjustments (based on some client’s needs), skin smoothing, minimizing sun damage. Retouches are only included in Wedding and Portrait packages. When a photo is retouched, it makes it print ready. It may be added additionally $30/photo as needed to other packages.
  • GRATUITIES are not included in price. I never expect a monetary gift in addition to booking cost as being business owner. However, it is much appreciated. Please note, gratuities for those that help are much recommended. I am a huge supporter of treating others with respect and kindness and this is what I build my brand upon.
  • SHOUTOUTS are much appreciated. I love when my clients tag me on social media in their posts, on their stories, in their feeds. Thank you so much! Thank you for recommending me and showing others how happy you with the work I do for you! Shoutouts are one of the most underrated but most appreciative things you can do.
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