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Photographer Kensey Jean –
Disposable Camera, Indisposable Concept
Reawakening your creative spark I think is very important. Taking part in the “Indisposable Concept” felt very rewarding for me. Not only did I get to take photos with one of those disposable cameras that were readily available as I grew up in the 1990s and 2000s, but I feel I contributed to something much greater than myself: something that will go down in history as the world becomes ever more so digital. This project promotes fun, not just perfectionism; which digital seems to promote with the endless selfies we all take. The whole world of photography has been revolutionized due to digital. It’s amazing when you come to the realization that photography hasn’t even been around that long. But with advances in technology, came ease of use and taking photos became “cheaper.” I say cheaper because it’s all a matter of perspective. It’s still expensive.
NYC and Brook;lyn
Photographer Kensey Jean – – Indisposable Concept


Disposable film cameras seem like the “pay as you go” type and digital feels like you must “pay upfront” and are required to spend several hundred or thousands of dollars for a decent camera. Photography is expensive no matter if you go disposable or if you go digital! Because digital is commonplace these days, I didn’t realize how many film processing “mom and pop” stores I had to call! Lots of them abandoned film and turned digital. And I’ve heard horror stories where drug stores don’t even give back your negatives anymore. Whut?? That becomes an issue in and of itself. So if you do this project, be aware that you may encounter the same drawbacks and have to call around and travel a bit – or send it out online to a film lab. In the general scheme of things, the Indisposable Conceptprovides a “budget friendly” option for anyone who wishes to take part and contribute – if you are willing to spare around $30 for the camera, develolping, and the digital scans. Prints are extra :).

Manhattan Bridge
Photographer Kensey Jean – – Indisposable Concept


Ironically, shooting on disposable cameras bring a very peaceful feeling. There is no need for extra accessories, and the IndisposableConcept creates a level playing field. Almost anyone can find a disposable camera, albeit hard maybe in our ever growing digital world. Nonetheless they are all basically identical with little variation (I never compared disposable cameras and quality), but I think you can all agree with the point i’m trying to make. In other words, shooting disposable feels more simple and it all comes down to creativity. People these days (or maybe its always been this way) often think you need a very expensive camera to take wonderful shots. That simply isn’t true. Yes, it helps tremendously as far as being able to push your creative limits, but it all comes down to the photographer and knowing how to work with what you’ve got. That is also why I was so keen on participating on this project. It reminds me that with simplicity, great things can be achieved; the photographer makes the shot.

Indisposable Concept – Photographer Kensey Jean | With and Without Flash – afternoon.

Indisposable Concept – Photographer Kensey Jean | Too dark in the shadows – the limits of lighting – afternoon.


Even though I am a professional photographer, I really wasn’t sure how great the photos would come out. It’s basically the first time shooting, considering it’s been more than a decade since I last shot on disposable. Frankly, my submission is somewhat terrible due to poor lighting. I had other set backs as well.. including my fashion editorial concept dissolving… leaving me to wander the streets in Brooklyn and asking strangers for their photo. It was fun and quite liberating knowing that there is a huge chance the photos will come out not as expected, possibly, craptastic, and just having to be okay with it LOL. At the end of the day, there is perfection in imperfection.

“People Bowing”
Photographer Kensey Jean – – Indisposable Concept


I will certainly be submitting again to the Indisposable Concept, next time with more awareness of the lighting limits. I had a great experience working with IC, they answered all of my questions prior to submission and they put a lot of time and love into showcasing all their submissions via their social channels and on their website. I love what they promote and I’ll be shooting my editorial shots next go round on a disposable camera. I want to show the world that photos are dependent on The Photographer’s vision and skill and not on the equipment used.

IC infograph



Kensey J – Roll 1

Indisposable Concept gallery featuring Kensey J. Shot with a disposable camera. Age: N/A Where: NYC and Brooklyn. NY. USA When: February, 2018 Instagram: Website: kenseyjea…



Roll 1 Submission
Photographer Kensey Jean – – Indisposable Concept


Hugeeee thanks to Silvia @sssss.910 @sillygraphy_ for helping me film and spending the day with me ;)!Indisposable Concept

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