Your wedding is a fairy tale story that will be passed down in your new family for generations to come. Professional photography documents it for all time, keeping the memories fresh forever.

Kensey Jean is a master storyteller in the photographic medium. She captures every moment—from the big crowd-pleasing moments to more intimate moments—that portray the emotion and character of those present to witness your happy union.

This professional wedding photography service is available to couples tying the knot in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and New York City. We offer a full wedding photography service that includes the following:

  • Capture every moment with two experienced photographers on hand, waiting for them to happen and documenting them

  • Professional camera, equipment and accessories used throughout

  • Expert post-processing includes editing, retouching and color correction for picture-perfect memories

  • Final delivery on approval via USB thumb drive and dropbox for easy sharing and hassle-free, safe backup forever

  • Custom packages available on demand—build your perfect photography wedding shoot

Kensey Jean Wedding Photography is already a #1 choice for New York wedding photography. We offer a wedding photography style that blends the traditional with the contemporary, all while creating a photojournalistic photo story that runs through the day itself.

We are here to help you capture the happiest day of your life in all its wonderful details with a unique approach that will keep memories fresh in decades to come. Explore our wedding photography portfolio to see the results we offer and contact us today for a free consultation!

KenseyJean is a Photographer, Influencer and Youtuber that covers fashion, travel, culture, art, self development, and spirituality. She is the creater of AWAKENEDTRAVELERS, a movement currently being made. She seeks to awaken and empower the souls within each of us as we travel this physical reality together.

Kensey is based on Long Island NY and frequents NYC. She is on a mission to create a global community centered around all things beautiful, genuine, and empowering.