Calligraphy by @Reinar_Design

Calligraphy by @Reinar_Design

KenseyJean is a Self-Taught Photographer from Long Island, NY. She has a love for doing Wedding, Event, and Creative Fashion photography. Why? Well, it brings a smile to her face and she is a firm believer in doing things that bring you joy and happiness in life.

Her style, while still being refined, awakens elements of DREAMINESS, FANTASY, AND EMOTION , which transport the viewer into another world. She also believes that a work of [he]art connects with people on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Her most accomplished projects thus far have been, “Into the Darkest Light”, which explains that when in the darkest of light, one doesn’t have to be afraid; even the dark parts of our lives can carry beautiful aspects to them and can be blessings in disguise.

As well as “Memoirs of Lives Past”, an Asian inspired photo shoot which brings the viewer back to another time and place; It truly connects with people on a soul and emotional level.

Her education has mostly been hands on, freelancing and co-shooting for 5 years. Photography, is one of the many things she does full time. Other things are being the Photographer and Director of Photography for bloggers TheSkinnyNYC, JanuaryDiaries, photographers assistant and behind the scenes photographer to EvanWasHere for Resident Magazine.

One of her photos was published in the NYPost in May 2016 staring Heide Lindgren, and she has made the cover of The Huntington Arts Council newspaper back in 2012.