Modern-day Heroes: MENTORS. Grant Cardone x CocaCola Theme Shoot

Photographer Kensey Jean – Grant Cardone 10X Plane – Whos Got my Money

Mentors are the modern day superheroes. And here’s why:

  • You obtain wisdom more quickly. Cutting the learning curve by sometimes DECADES
  • It puts you on the path of success
  • It teaches you how to LIVE LIFE abundantly
  • Knowledge and money often go hand in hand

Grant Cardone- Photographer Kensey Jean

I feel we often take for granted the tremendous value the internet provides us with. I basically grew up with one so I can’t fully understand the drastic difference compared to the generations who lives without. While there is online gaming and social media. One of the major advantages is the speed at which information travels. Information, while a ton of it is enclosed in secrecy among the elites and the wealthy, the internet has truly made this knowledge more available to the “average joe.”

Photographer Kensey Jean – Grant Cardone – Ask your mommie if i’m the real deal – shot by Silvia Zhang

With determination, and making sacrifices in your time, money, and energy in the immediate present, it will leave you with insurmountable value and wealth in the long run. Without knowledge, we are imprisoned, we don’t know what we don’t know. Unfortunately the school system never taught me or anyone about the important stuff in life: how to make money, how to have virtue, how to eat healthy, how to exercise. The important stuff is endless. It has turned learning into a chore and most of us (at least for me) grew up hating reading. At 23 I finally found out that I do enjoy reading for the wisdom I receive.

Photographer Kensey Jean – Grant Cardone – Ask your mommie if i’m the real deal – shot by Silvia Zhang

Without knowledge, our families will never grow. They will be stuck in the same thinking, habits, and most times lifestyles we have lived generation after generation.

With the rise of mentors, and the wealthiest and most successful stepping up and sharing their knowledge to those who will do anything to reach the top of the mountain, people are more able to reach new heights in all the areas of their lives. “HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE, HAPPINESS” as Tai Lopez Calls it.

Photographer Kensey Jean – Grant Cardone – Ask your mommie if i’m the real deal – shot by Silvia Zhang

Each mentor enriches our lives in a unique way. While I prefer listening to Tai Lopez with general philosophy and business, I admire Grant Cardone for his knowledge in how he invests his money in real estate, the work ethic he promotes, and how he teaches others his secret to sales. The most successful know how to do sales. Whether sales as in money, or in life, it’s an important asset. I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts on the program (after I complete the program in a year’s time ;)!)

None of us have all the resources in life  (energy, time, money) but there are always ways you can better yourself.. and lots of time having a wealthy mind (and bank account) opens doors.

  • BOOKS: One of the cheapest options. Read from the TOP people in the industry – never go for the middleman to learn the winning philosophies.
  • PROGRAMS: I’ve purchased Tai Lopez’ 67 Steps, Grant Cardones Playbook to Millions, and Sales Training University(The biggest investment I’ve made thus far). The advantage is lots of them are videos with specific content, lots also have a private facebook group which provides value just as a conference would.. It pays to have the knowledge all in one place from high level sources. They are more intense but perhaps you remember it more. Unfortunately lots of books have misinformation, some books don’t have all the information. And some concepts are hard to instand in text format. With video and audio it’s more natural to understand. For me, I’m a very visual person so videos with visual charts and such are easier for me to understand. Especially when the topic is much more complex than I’m used to.
  • CONFERENCES: While it might be cheaper to play the reruns, the value conferences hold is the networks you can create with likeminded people who are already living The 10X lLfe. Let’s face it, the majority of people are unmotivated, and it’s difficult to find those diamonds in the rough. Conferences are a place that collects all these diamonds. Why wouldn’t you attend if there are lots of high level players??? Ill be attending #10XGrowthCon soon!!!
  • MENTORS:  You can learn from everyone. However, not everyone is worth learning from. Same with books, there can be a ton of misinformation. Not everyone knows what they are talking about but think they do. A great example is a child who looks up to their parents. The child thinks their parents know everything. Sometimes what you learn from your parents – habits, thought processes, are harmful. The idea of a mentor is to seek someone who has a skill you wish to obtain that is 10X your level. As a side note, Tai Lopez talks about the law of 33%. One should have 33% of people greater than you, 33% of people on your level, and 33% below you that you mentor.

While learning might not seem like the most interesting thing and fun thing to improve yourself in, it certainly will pay you back tenfold. In time, you’ll be faster at seeing personality traits, better at making ROI deals. In energy, same with time, less time spent, less energy expended, more energy to spend on what’s important. Wealth, of knowledge. Health, love, and happiness. This philosophy is all interconnected.

Photographer Kensey Jean – Grant Cardone – Ask your mommie if i’m the real deal – shot by Silvia Zhang

I strongly urge you to start investing in yourself if you haven’t already! With it now being 2018, a new year, it is time to create a new life for yourself :)! Never underestimate the power of knowledge. Knowledge iand wisdom is abundant if you know where to look. Fortunately for the internet, it makes it more obtainable to anyone willing to improve their life!


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Living a Purposeful Life – Photographer Kensey Jean – Seneca on the Shortness of Life

Living a Purposeful Life – Photographer Kensey Jean – Grant Cardone The 10x Rule

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