2017: Reflect and Refocus. Tips to Stay on Purpose and Manifestation Journals

Photographer KenseyJean, Shot by Silvia Zhang

The end of the year always brings about reflection. As we reflect on the things we’ve experienced over the course of the year and our life’s travels, we begin to see what has served us and what we need to let go of. Perhaps we grew tremendously during that year, or experienced one of the hardest years in a while.

One of the biggest tips I have is keeping a journal – specifically a manifestation journal. I believe people see journaling as writing their day to day life down. However, I use a journal to manifest and plan how I would like my future to be. Having a journal I update every so often keeps me on track with what I wish to achieve in my life.

Some habits I’ve adopted this 2017:

  • Reading
  • Exercising
  • And Self Study / Self Investments

As always some days I’ve rocked these habits, and other days I’ve failed miserably. The key however, is to practice these habits in on an overall consistent basis. I’m proud to say that I have stuck to them over the course of 2017.

Photographer KenseyJean, Shot by Silvia Zhang 2017

So how do I journal? I write everything as if it has already happened. For 2018, I have labeled it “The Year of Prosperity.” This is my overall focus for 2018. Next, I write down steps on how I will achieve prosperity and build and create habits that are in alignment with my focus.

Some plans I’ve written down for my 2018 Year of Prosperity Step-by-Steps

  • I updated my marketing strategy for the upcoming year; the level of commitment I expect from myself in delivering my social media content.. including: instagram, tumblr, pinterest, twitter, and youtube.
  • I wrote down how I will earn and expand my income. This month I put a large sum of my yearly earnings into studying Sales at CardoneUniversity.com . I honestly barely made any money over the past few years. So several thousand dollars investments is a lot and adds up to be the majority of my income. However, learning sales is an important asset not just in business but in life. I expect to earn this money back and go much further than I have in the previous years. So Sales training is one of the ways I will expand my income and one of the ways I will achieve a year(and more years to come of Prosperity.)

So while I don’t want to go too in depth into my 2018 manifestations, I think you get the idea of how to start the purposeful journaling practice. They should be positive, and speak loving words. For example, If you wish to lose weight, instead say you lead a healthy lifestyle. It speaks the same message however with a positive focus.

Photographer KenseyJean, Shot by Silvia Zhang 2017

Use positive affirmations in your writing:

  • I am abundant
  • I am prosperous
  • I am happy
  • I receive lots of love
  • I give love
  • I am healthy
  • I am productive
  • I AM – two of the most powerful words

I don’t write everyday in my journal. Sometimes for weeks or months at a time. However, when the ideas strike I DO write them down and plan my next moves. It can include anything from

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Success

When the ideas flow to you, WRITE THEM DOWN. Go to a cafe, or spend some quiet time with yourself and write them down. When you write, there is a higher chance that your ideas and beliefs will become reality WITH INSPIRED ACTION. There are two steps to the process. First, realizing your ideas. And second, taking action steps to achieve these ideas.

Photographer KenseyJean, Shot by Silvia Zhang 2017

This is the act of Reflection and Refocus. I hope that this technique will help you plenty in staying on track with your purpose. The majority of people wander through life without planning their next moves. By you planning these steps, and taking a moment to reflect and refocus, you will lead a purposeful life.


Please also read “Living a Purposeful Life and Doing What you Love” If you haven’t already!


Please also remember that sometimes your vision does not come to fruition in the time you would like for it to. There is divine timing involved. As long as you are writing your vision and taking steps to achieve your vision, you are leading a purposeful life.

Photographer KenseyJean, Shot by Silvia Zhang 2017


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Jack Canfield’s The Key to Living the Law of Attraction

The Power of Intention by Dr. Dwayne W. Dyer


By KenseyJean

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