Living a Purposeful Life and Doing What you Love

Photographer Kensey Jean – Living a purposeful life – shot by Silvia Zhang 2017

By KenseyJean

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We all have heard of the cliche saying, “do what you love” and “life is short.” But it speaks tremendous volumes when we take a closer look at these statements. Life is short and it feels like the older I get, the more time speeds up. I’m only 24 years young and I’ve been on this solopreneurial journey for 3 years now. However, it feels like I woke up and skipped some years to find myself at age 24. This topic can go so in depth but I’ll try to express my thoughts in the shortest and most effective manner.

Seneca, the Roman author, wrote a book titled On the Shortness of Life. This book is something that resonates with my soul. For the longest time, I would waste my youth away and had no direction. I wasn’t taught how to LIVE a life worth living. My parents seemingly don’t know to fully live and embrace each day as well as they should. And I’m sure the majority of you weren’t taught the secret to living either. I’m not here to blame my parents or anyone for that manner. Frankly, I’ve outgrown that stage of blame and regret and we are all children despite what our age and appearance say. However, I decided that it is up to me at this tender age of 24 to take control of my life and turn it around in the way I wish it has always been. We may have some of the answers as to what brings us happiness and joy to our days, but I’m sure some of you out there have struggled to create a purposeful life just as I have. Here is what I’ve learned in the past 3 years.


This is what I’ve learned on my journey so far:

  • Do something you love everyday. All we have is today and your gifts are meant to be used daily.
  • Make a list of things you value, be it spending time with family, friends, sharing your vision, reading to learn, self improvement, exercise. Try to uphold these values daily. It’s not so much the quantity as it is the quality.
  • Make a list of things you wish to achieve… and do them.
  • Minimize what doesn’t serve you and isn’t in alignment with your purpose… TV, mindless partying.. drama.. in-genuine “friends”, shopping, etc

Now I’m not perfect, and sometimes I utterly fail at upholding to my list. Sometimes I spend too much time on reckless behaviors, and sometimes the projects I work on take much longer than I would have wanted them to – adding a slight bout of depression to my life.. sighhh. But knowing my values and my purpose certainly is the first step to living a life well lived and has built the foundation to staying on track with my purpose.

The goal is to be so obsessed with your purpose; listening AND doing what speaks to you. To be so enthralled in the process that you don’t even know what day or time it is. To live a life full of your values and purpose that you literally don’t have time for reckless behaviors and drama. In fact writing this blog post has spoken to me today, and while I feel in a rut and want to take a break for days, my purpose is asking me to share and write this for you. Perhaps the wisdom I have gained over the years might help someone or several of you who have struggled with the same problem as I. I talk a lot about taking baby steps. It’s okay to fail sometimes.. multiple times in life in fact.. or even just having several bad days in row. The important thing is you continue to get back up and push forward. There is no rush as long as you are mindful about your purpose.

Photographer Kensey Jean – Living a purposeful life – shot by Silvia Zhang 2017

Seneca talks about how we get swept away by the current of life. How we devout the majority of our time to vices. Time is the most non-renewable resource there is and should be the most safely guarded as all. By the end of the majority of our lives.. we have find that our focus was not on our purpose but wasted away foolishly. Think about it, lets say at age 18 we go to college, then we work till 65-70. In between these years, our free time has been wasted away and their life is full of mediocrity. Many have partied too much with people they don’t even connect with. Many watch their lives away with TV. And so, how do any of us know to live when we are living a life of meaningless consumption? – Let me just clarify that there is a time and a place for rest and rejuvenation and consumption. Life is all about the yin and the yang – try to focus on balancing the two.

To LIVE is to create, to share, to connect with others, to make an impact not just in our world, but in the lives of others. It’s difficult to be a good friend especially when miles are between you. But making an effort to see them, to talk to them. To LISTEN to their problems when you are beyond exhaustion after a long days work. These situations are what test us but are the most rewarding. They allow us to make a positive – possibly life changing impact in another’s life. We were all created to help others and in our souls WANT TO HELP OTHERS but we have lost that ability. And many give up when the going gets hard.

I’m a big believer in following your intuition, your guidance, your little nudges. It is up to you to take action. I remember a boy crying at a cafe in LA. All by himself.. crying. I walked up to him and asked him if he needed a hug. I probably didn’t need to ask him that but I gave him a hug anyway. I was divinely called to hug him. And doing these actions are hard to take sometimes cause, what if I’m the freak LOL???  Sometimes we just need to trust and be the “fool.” But perhaps I really made him feel loved in that moment. We never know how much of an impact we make in someone’s life when we SHARE OUR PURPOSE. We are all called to do things like this daily, why not work on trusting and taking action on it? Start to listen to that inner voice.

Action has been a hard thing for me to do. I’m working on it. Many times I’ve struggled with it. Just like today, and yesterday, and last week LOL. All I can say is do what is important to you, just do it. No matter how long it takes, just do it. Push through it. You don’t need to be perfect but you do need to be okay and proud of the effort you have made. Just like exercise, you start of slow and short. Then you build intensity and duration. We don’t need to be an Olympic athlete from the start. I suppose this is why I really admire the successful such as Tai Lopez. It shows that his endurance has been a work in progress for a looooooong time.

Photographer Kensey Jean – Living a purposeful life – shot by Silvia Zhang 2017

So while I also struggle in finding a job that resonates with my purpose at the moment. Quite frankly I truly enjoy my time being flexible and to set my own hours. My wisdom and the wisdom of many of the most successful suggest choosing a job that brings you joy. Tai Lopez suggests to take a straight line to where you want to go. As long as it has the right foundation, choose a job that is in alignment with your purpose and build upon that.

When we are living our purpose we begin to feel happy, joyful, complete. Our time begins to have purpose and meaning. And by the end of our lifetime, we can actually say that we’ve been working, sharing, and fulfilling our purpose for the last 65 years or however long we all live. We can honestly say that we have LIVED every single day during those 65 years. Not many people can say that. And unfortunately, being trapped in an aged body with a soul that wants to be set free and share it’s purpose is the saddest thing of all. So be mindful my loves. Work step by step on what creates joy in your life.

Recommended books: 

On the Shortness of Life by Seneca

The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone

Living a Purposeful Life – Photographer Kensey Jean – Seneca on the Shortness of Life

Living a Purposeful Life – Photographer Kensey Jean – Grant Cardone The 10x Rule

Stay well! Never feel ashamed of your travels my loves. As mentioned in my previous post, The Power of Vulnerability, out of our vulnerabilities often comes our strengths and becomes our story that impacts others. Speak your story!

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