The Power of Vulnerability

Photographer Kensey Jean – Unveiling my truth – shot by Silvia Zhang 2017

By KenseyJean

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Being Vulnerable is something we should embrace more often – and here’s why:


  • It shows your humanity, it connects you with people; it is a tool of influence.
  • Showing your vulnerability can be seen as a strength.
  • Being Vulnerable means you are being true to yourself; to your truth.


I believe our culture raises us with the perspective that vulnerability is weakness. However, that can be further from the truth. While I’m not sure how this plays out in the Eastern World, from my own perspective being, being raised in the Western World, people aren’t using this tool as effectively as they can. Vulnerability and storytelling usually go hand in hand. In order to influence and connect with people, a story born out of so called “weaknesses” has a major impact.

Photographer Kensey Jean – Unveiling my truth – shot by Silvia Zhang 2017

The entrepreneurs who have reached “that level” of success often talk about how they had $47 to their name, no place to sleep (Tai Lopez.) Grant Cardone, losing his father, having little to no direction in his life till he decided to change his life around in his mid-twenties. The stories are plentiful. However, these stories that have elements of vulnerability are what make such a profound impact. It is because people can relate to that state of vulnerability. The people influenced by these stories have a strong attachment to this particular person’s vulnerability that they see this person as someone with strength; someone who has overcome this vulnerability and look up to them as a role model.

Photographer Kensey Jean – Unveiling my truth – shot by Silvia Zhang 2017

Now, with anything in life, balance is key. Too much of anything is not a good thing. In order to know when to share your vulnerability is key. Someone who is vulnerable the majority of the time can seem indecisive, too sensitive, and ungrounded. Whilst, not showing any vulnerability tells others your lack of humanity, your lack of feeling, and can sometimes seem like you are too perfect – no one wants to see a perfect person. To expose your vulnerability at times is necessary, and is what truly connects with people.

Vulnerability for malice and used to manipulate is something I strongly discourage. However, to live and express your vulnerability on top of your positive attributes adds the “extra” to the image you convey to the world. To be vulnerable at times is to express your truth. And sharing your truth is important for living a healthy life. YOUR TRUTH MATTERS.

Photographer Kensey Jean Copper Shoes 2017 – Speaking my truth

  • Being Vulnerable is Uncomfortable

Vulnerability does feel uncomfortable! I understand, I too have a hard time expressing certain topics with the world. To be on a pedestal feels very uncomfortable for me. My mission is to help people with the knowledge I know. In order to do that – I must share and do what is difficult.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” John Haywood.

Take baby steps, take as much time as you need as long as you keep moving forward. Don’t live in your fear, but know that your truth is important. Your truth is meant to be shared. You are important. Stay true my loves :)!!!


Recommended book: James Altucher – Reinvent Yourself


Let me know your thoughts down below ;)! Much love and light!



KenseyJean is a Photographer, Influencer and Youtuber that covers fashion, travel, culture, art, self development, and spirituality. She is the creater of AWAKENEDTRAVELERS, a movement currently being made. She seeks to awaken and empower the souls within each of us as we travel this physical reality together.

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