Photographer KenseyJean, NYFW – Jarel Zhang SS18 Collection

By KenseyJean

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  • Equipment: Canon 5D III, Canon 24-105mm

NYFW SS18: Jarel Zhang’s Beauty in the Chaos

Jarel Zhang showcased his very first collection at New York Fashion Week’s SS18 season.. Zhang’s astounding talent won our hearts with its contemporary glamour and street-smart savvy-ness. The collection, “Beauty in Chaos” presented us a kaleidoscope of energetic colours and reworked anoraks with such innovative svelte.

The theme itself was inspired by the hustle and bustle and chaos of New York City, and it showcased all the vibrant colour palettes and excitement that one feels on the streets of this glamorous fashion capital. As to following the theme, the runway was flooded with vibrant orange cones, sunny yellow construction barriers and hazard lights. Each of his reconstructed anoraks featured an unconventionally edgy attitude and unique detailing that inspired awe in the onlookers. We adored elements like loose straps, and roomy strings that allow a woman to move as naturally and freely as the wind itself.

The word, “oversized” was exaggerated to such an extent that it found a new meaning in terms of dimensions. Zhang has reworked “bulky and oversized silhouettes” with a wide range of energetic colours and vibrant hues; red, yellow, purple, fuchsia and pink amongst many others. We spotted huge roomy pockets, oversized statement sleeves, asymmetrical designs, unconventional fabric placements, and sleek high collars to the anoraks; this would make sure us ladies(and gents) can command attention on the street as the fashionable mavens we are… even during the grimmest of days :).

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