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  • Location: MK Karaoke, Korea town, NYC
  • Equipment: Canon 5D III, Sigma 35mm 1.4, and Phone Flashlight

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NYFW FW18 Style Report: Meditation in Trappist – 1e by Kimmy J

Kimmy J opened a spectacular NYFW FW18 presentation with a visual treat of kaleidoscopic neons, kimono style robes, geometric plaid, monochromatic neutrals, and glamorous hoop earrings. With each look at Kim Hee-jin’s edgy ensembles in her new collection, an eyeful of the excitement arose. Instantly, we knew we were in for a glamorous ride into the realms of Seoul fashion.


[[[ >CLICK< ]]]Throwback to the fall 2017 collection, titled Dumpster, was an idealistic and fantastical theme that explored the idea of the true heroes that keep our society functioning and these are the ones that deserve our praise. The collection not only showcased a laidback and relaxed punk-rock vibe, but it also presented us with a wide assortment of bright and energetic neons, exciting textures, and a juxtaposed mixing and matching of iconic colours. Needless to say, it was brimming with powerful inspirations derived from the fashion cultures of the glorious ‘90s. The collection was inspired by the work ethics and lifestyles of door-to-door garbage collectors, regarding them as the superheroes of our modern world and dedicating an entire line of versatile and hip clothing to their job. The collection had an exquisite comic-book like colour palette that was brimming with bright and energetically vibrant hues. Designer, Heejin Kim had made such splendid use of faux fur, plastic, vinyl, and metal by juxtaposing these materials with a wide range of achromatic shades and exciting colour combinations.

Now come Spring/Summer 2018, Hee-jin Kim’s collection had a very energetic yet minimalist fashion offering, with sleek slip dresses, sleeveless maxi dresses, athleisure crop tops, graphic bralettes, laidback trainers and lots more. All focused on the zen take on life. But then, it also presented us a dramatic dose of 90’s inspired glamour with knee-grazing coats, sharp leather jackets, sequined holographic boots, velvet tops, and dip-dyed jean blouses.

We spotted a glorious variety of graphic art, monochromatic neutrals, muted whites and tans, metallic hues, and a wide variety of purples and lilacs. It liberated our style sense with its midriff-revealing crop tops, laidback and luxuriously relaxed baggy outwear, and waist-hugging shirts. The collection was all about breathing energy into our fashion sense.

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