kenseyjean 2017

By KenseyJean

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Photo Shout-out: Silvia – Instagram / Photography Instagram

Location: Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, NY


  • White Beanie Hat (Embroidered detailing)
  • Necklace – Thrifted
  • Pink Dress – Mom’s
  • Leggings – several years old
  • Over-sized Vintage Jacket $3 from thrifted
  • Shoes on sale – YRU
  • Leather Dino Crossbody Purse on clearance 65% off???! – KateSpade


kenseyjean 2017


To be humble is a very admirable trait. Everyday that passes in my life, I come to a much deeper understanding of how imperfect people are. We all have our problems, and just having a human essence essentially means we will never be perfect. However, people who make humility a priority are those that I truly admire. We can’t change our upbringing or our past, but we all can choose to be a greater version of ourselves and to be kind and considerate of others.

I have come from very humble beginnings. What I mean by that is that my parents have encouraged me to be financially independent from a very early age. I remember at age 10, there was this rainbow shirt that I wanted at the store and my mother refused to pay for it. In fact, I think my mother never really paid for any of my “wants.” Just like I would buy my own toys too. On the other hand, my father would be a little more lenient and sometimes I would convince him to buy me things, like some camera gear that I wanted. My father was a big supporter in my funding my dreams. He would be the one to bring the film camera to the store and develop the photos that I took (this is when I was a young grasshopper). However, most of my wants were placed on my shoulders. If I wanted something, I had to pay for it myself. I remember not eating lunch, just to save a few dollars so I could buy something that I wanted at the end of the year. I suppose you could say this taught me compounded interest. We weren’t poor, but we were not as wealthy as the other families in my area.

kenseyjean 2017


So coming from that background, I never really focused on having luxury type goods or having the chance to try my taste in fashion. At the bright age of 16, I told my friends I wanted to shop at the thrift store. They all kind of stared at me and basically told me that thrifting was for the poor. I felt so discouraged and threw that idea out of my head for several years. My friends had some money, so their parents would always give them several hundred dollars to spend on clothes. I on the other hand paid for everything myself (probably from the lunch money I saved up or a few dollars from dad.) Most of my clothes were handed down to me by my sisters and cousins. Sometimes I convinced my father to buy me some new ones, but the price shock didn’t make sense to me the older I became. Another reason why I love thrifting now.

At age 19 I bought my first luxury handbag by Coach. I loved having quality goods; it made me feel luxurious. And when I turned 21, I shopped for the first time at the thrift store. I found so many beautiful, original pieces for SUPER cheap. That’s when I really fell in love with thrifting. Many of my outfits that you see are a mixture between thrifted, new, and luxury goods.

kenseyjean 2017


My income is still very low, but I make it work and I’m seeking out ways to create multiple streams of income. I consider myself a very humble person. At least my aim is to be. To be humble is to remember your roots and be proud of where you have come from and the abundance you have now. I can proudly say that everything in my life I have earned myself. I have learned that anything that I seek to have in my life, I must deserve and earn it. For all you Law of the Attraction followers out there, there is truth that you must deserve what you wish for.

But why am I telling you this now? The cold hard truth growing up (that means now in my fabulous twenties haha) is that many people don’t have a shread of humility or gratitude. And they certainly don’t see the value in things OR people. Let me explain, when you have been wronged too many times or have been without, you understand the value of what it is you do for others and what it is you receive. Many people flash luxury goods that they have obtained with the sweat and blood of others. They use and abuse to obtain their own agenda. (We all have an agenda by the way, but the most humble of people will do it ETHICALLY.) Many people in the world would rather spend all the money on themselves than to spare a few dollars your way.

For the longest time I have had to confront this issue in my life. Money is one of the ways people don’t have humility – but there are others. When you give your heart out for free, people don’t appreciate it. Nor will they recommend you or credit you. These are all the truths I have learned. And there are so many different definitions of what it means to be humble that it would be very challenging to explain every scenario.

kenseyjean 2017


I think at this point of the post and every future post I make, I want to share my takeaway with you. Some of this knowledge has been shaped from experience, from books, and from friends. Most people lean towards the “not so good side.” Make sure to ALWAYS be paid for what you do … even for family. Especially family. Find the balance between humility and being discerning and strong with who you work with. Do little tests. If it doesn’t feel good or if you don’t see any results after the first, second, or third time then move on. And having luxury goods is absolutely fine if it’s earned ethically. Who says we must live without tangible objects? Earth is for our taking – and hopefully by good-natured souls. There is enough money to go around, it’s only the people who live in a fear-based and poor mindset. Don’t let that damper your soul. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground :)! And life’s too short to spend it with people who can’t give you the slightest of respect.

KenseyJean is a Photographer, Influencer and Youtuber that covers fashion, travel, culture, art, self development, and spirituality. She is the creater of AWAKENEDTRAVELERS, a movement currently being made. She seeks to awaken and empower the souls within each of us as we travel this physical reality together.

Kensey is based on Long Island NY and frequents NYC. She is on a mission to create a global community centered around all things beautiful, genuine, and empowering.