Edward Avila’s Meet and Greet NY x Treasure Hunter 2017
Photographer: Kensey Jean

By KenseyJean

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I had the wonderful honor of meeting and capturing Edward Avila’s Meet and Greet in NYC. It felt like a sign from the heavens. This opportunity felt like it was meant for me; cliché but just roll with me…. the day I found out about Edward coming to NY, I felt inspired to check out EventBrite and look up networking events. It was first time I’ve ever used EventBrite and I don’t typically search for networking events but I knew I had to step up my game and connect with others in the industry I wanted to establish myself in. Of course this wasn’t a networking event but for some reason Edward’s event popped up within the first few seconds of the search.

I was kinda shocked because I knew who Edward was and I’ve watched several of his videos. Also after leaving South Korea, I really wanted to capture Korean related content. Not impossible, but definitely more challenging being in NY. Strangely enough, this event was on my only day off. I felt I was called to go. I reached out and offered media coverage in exchange for entry. Everything just worked out perfectly. Too good to be true…. literally. It has been some time since I’ve covered magazine shoots and really getting my name out there. My frame of mind when I reached out was that I needed to make my own opportunities. The world is abundant with opportunities and it takes an observant person to see them and make things happen. This was a golden opportunity for me and I knew it. I’ll be covering a video on how to make your own opportunities for all of you out there wanting to succeed in life but don’t know how – stalk my youtube or blog for updates xD! Instead of being called on to show up to a magazine shoot and capturing celebrities I didn’t fully resonate with or know much about, Edward was the epitome of all things I Iove and seek to be surrounded with in my life; Korea, fashion, well taken care of skin hahaha, and most importantly being honest and staying true to the world and to himself. Traits I deem highly valuable and try to emulate as much as possible in my own life. So without further ado, let’s get down to buisness xD!

The GIF might not load on my site but I try TT

First impressions? Edward is really genuine, kind, funny, and a great person to be around. He is true to himself and to his fans. I can tell you that there are many well known people in this industry who are double sided and when their true colors show, alarm bells flash and I just want to run far far away xD! Perhaps some people let fame and fortune go to their heads or perhaps these same people are manipulative and seek fame for all the wrong reasons.These instances have trained me to quickly discern people’s true character. Regardless, Edward wasn’t like that at all. He’s just as “real” in his videos as he is in person. So here I go sending another wave of gratitude back to Edward the Treasure Hunter team just for being legitimately cool to be around and going all out to provide the best Meet and Greet experience possible for all who showed up; he certainly didn’t disappoint.

I hate to admit it, but I did take several breaks to rest my arms, socialize a bit, and to cool the sweat off my back (it’s Summer, what could I say xD.) Edward on the other hand was like the energizer bunny who kept on going and giving it his all to please everyone who came to see him!

Edward Avila’s Meet and Greet NY x Treasure Hunter 2017
Photographer: Kensey Jean

Youtuber Joan Kim, Joan Day, also made a surprise appearance at Edward’s Meet and Greet and everyone was ecstatic! A little about her if this is the first time hearing her name…. Joan Kim is a Korean-American youtuber currently based in Seoul, South Korea. She has two youtube channels. Joan Kim (JoanKeem), that primarily focuses on beauty, reviewing makeup products, clothing hauls, and other things that inspire her. Her other account, Joan Day, features her daily vlogs.

Edward Avila’s Meet and Greet NY x Treasure Hunter 2017. Edward Avila and Joan Kim
Photographer: Kensey Jean

Photographer KenseyJean 2017 – Edward Avila x Treasure Hunter Meet and Greet

Some giveaways occurred, and for some ticket holders depending on the class purchased, received some free beauty products and other goodies as a thank you gift!

  • Pony Effect Seoul Mirror – WebsiteInstagram
  • Edward Avila in NY Sticker
  • G9 Skin Wonder Eraser Strawberry Milk
  • Troiareuke Seoul Aesthetic Cushion
  • The Pauline “Solid Perfume” – WebsiteInstagram
  • Color Tok Tint Lip Color “Cherry Tok”

As a side note for all you Kpop fans out there, Edward recently released his song, “Stay” with Trophy Cat and it’s frkn fabulous, seriously check it!!

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