kenseyjean 2017

By KenseyJean

Photos and Media are Copyrighted KenseyJean, please ask for permission (and properly credit and link back to my site/social media) before using.

Photo Shout-out: Silvia – Instagram

Location: Washington Square Park, NYC


  • Black Beanie Hat (Embroidered detailing) : 켄지진 Calligraphy by Reinar_Design
  • Necklace – Cedar Wood Slice Pendant from Russia (Ringing Cedars)
  • Water Wave Dress – Noisy May from Asos
  • Floral Leggings
  • Over-sized Plaid Jacket – Stolen from Dad
  • Over-sized Green Wind Breaker – Stolen from Dad
  • Wolf Blue Platform Sneakers – JCPlay by Jeffrey Campbell from Yoox


kenseyjean 2017


This is the beginning of my blogging journey. I’ve come to the point of wanting to merge blogging with my love of photography. There are several reasons for why I’ve come to this decision. Being in the fashion realm already and covering the fashion weeks and magazines with prominent individuals, it was only a matter of time that fashion and photography would be something I would fuse together and become a major part of what KenseyJean, what I stand for. Life has a funny way of challenging us to redefine ourselves every turn of the way, and this turn is no different. Another reason was that it was now time for me to connect my face with the beautiful photographs that I take. No longer will I be another inconspicuous photographer or creative that hides behind the most compelling masterpieces, but one that is known for all the work, time, energy, and passion that has been woven into my art. I have decided to bring all the power back to myself, to create my own path, and make a difference on the world.

kenseyjean 2017


Another reason for coming to this point in my life where blogging feels like the right option to take is because it shows the world, and those potential people I would collaborate with, my personal style. Everyone in the world has their own sense of style, and I am no different. No longer will I take up random collaborations where people don’t know the aesthetic of KenseyJean or all the things I stand for. I am using this time to show the world my style and what I am all about. I’ll let those right collaborations be drawn to me effortlessly, instead of me seeking them out. I know great magic will happen and the visions I have will be produced into physical manifestations with the right kinds of people.

I love a bit of magic and surrealistic clothes tied with beautiful photos. I’ll let my clothes tell the story. I’m all about challenging the norm in fashion and showing people that a little color is not to be feared. I love the cute and the colorful. Asian fashion and culture inspires my take on the world. I am who I am, sharing with all of you my heart and soul! I would like to express my gratitude towards everyone who has helped shape me to this point and all the people who have supported me along the way :)!


KenseyJean is a Photographer, Influencer and Youtuber that covers fashion, travel, culture, art, self development, and spirituality. She is the creater of AWAKENEDTRAVELERS, a movement currently being made. She seeks to awaken and empower the souls within each of us as we travel this physical reality together.

Kensey is based on Long Island NY and frequents NYC. She is on a mission to create a global community centered around all things beautiful, genuine, and empowering.