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General Idea NYFW FW17 Collection

The fashion savvy always know the latest trends and styles. Inspiration for them comes from a number of places; the Internet, the web, TV, and the most notable of them all – the fashion shows. There are a number of types of fashion shows that are there to let them get awareness of the best fashion items to have in every season. One of the best fashion shows that are always there to help these fashion lovers is the Fashion Week. This was my second time capturing the Korean brand, General Idea by designer Bumsukchoi 최범석 and it didn’t disappoint! Between the hair, makeup, and clothing designs… I was mesmerized.


The best thing about fashion week is that it’s the place to know not only trends in fashion but makeup trends too. The models display the latest trends in beauty, and the beauty enthusiasts who attend get to know whether it is the dewy makeup that is going to be all the rage in the next season or the contoured one. Along with that, the backstage moments gives a sneak peek at how the look is pieced together before the runway.

General Idea FW17 – Photographer KenseyJean 2017

Carefree Attitudes Abound

While Fashion Week often brings stress for those who participate in and at the shows, it was ironic that everything felt calm, orderly, and peaceful at the General Idea FW17 Show. The models were seen playing with @Mc_soondae, the blue frenchie, and lots of laughs were exchanged (see the NYFW FW17 video I’ve posted.) 

General Idea FW17 – Photographer KenseyJean 2017 – Model Ryan Keating – and Mc_soondae the blue frenchie

The Designs

Designer Bumsukchoi incorporated a variety of colors (grays, blacks, browns, navys, burgundys, greens, whites) into his FW17 collection. The sleek designs and accents flatter both the male and female silhouette. The designer knows how to make a statement with the power stance seen at the end of the show; all the models standing on their own yet unified as one. 

General Idea FW17 - Photographer KenseyJean 2017

General Idea FW17 – Photographer KenseyJean 2017

General Idea FW17 - Photographer KenseyJean 2017

General Idea FW17 – Photographer KenseyJean 2017


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