By KenseyJean

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Floral Inspired Outfits – All Day, Every Day!

There is no running away from floral prints, since it’s a trending chart topper with the arrival of each summer month. The floral prints include a range of subtle and over the top prints. The kitschy floral outfits designed by Yohan Kim to get you in the mood of spring right away. Most people do not purchase flowers because they think it is a waste of money, but flowers have the ability to make people look more lively. Adding a touch of floral prints to the clothing that you wear can give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness compared to the typical black outfits you might usually wear.

Wear it to Brunch


Heading out to a brunch? Ditch your usual and boring sundress for an embellished floral net dress and reflective or leather jacket to make a statement this season. Wear it with heels or flats and minimal accessories to keep the look simple yet classy. It even bodes well with a simple vest and sunglasses.

Wear it to Work


Does your office have a strict dress code? Choose a floral printed or plain shirt to wear with your shimmery tailored trousers or skirt for a chic and sleek office look. The Yohanix chiffon blouse paired with a lustrous skirt will keep your look serious yet fun. You can also pair it with pencil dress pants and toe heels to give it a more sophisticated work attire.

Night time florals


Choose an outfit of a darker shade to get in the mood for a cocktail party. The floral printed jacket is easier to carry off at night due to it’s midnight colors. The jacket is worth instantly falling in love with for sure! You can always use it as a cover up on your formal dresses when the weather is chilly and when you do not want to downplay your outfit with the typical gray and black jackets found in the winter months.

Daily Wear


Prints never go out of fashion, no matter what the season is. Paired with a plain crisp white shirt and a floral designed over coat, it can be worn daily during the fall or the windy and bone chilling months of winter. The frill detailing on the shirt makes the outfit look dainty. You can also pair the outfit with a hat to give it a more dressed up look and for extra warmth.. haha let’s be real – winter is cooooooold. If the skirt makes your legs feel cold then you can wear leggings under it as well.

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