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Kimmy’s Dumpster Inspired Collection

Inspired by the waste collectors who collect garbage from each person’s door step is what Kimmy ‘s FW 2017 Collection is all about. Her collection gives recognition and respect to all the garbage men and trash collectors. These are the heros that deserve the respect; what she calls the “Disposal Squad.”

Kimmy has added a touch of funk to her designs by using a bunch of colors, designs, and materials like silk. Her products are lively and energetic from incorporating colors which are typically found on public uniforms.

Neon and Bold

Fur coats have been trendy in fashion for some time now. Whether it be celebrities who wear it at events, or gals wearing it on the city streets. Coats like these look great with leather pants, skirts, or jeans. Kimmy’s coats were obviously inspired by the art found on dumpsters. She uses neon colors that are bright and catches the eye of all who pass by the person wearing it. She has paired the fur coat with baggy pants that you might find construction workers wearing. Her outfits are a mixture of style and daily work fashion.

Funky yet Sophisticated

The next one is a fleece jacket with a “logo” on it’s back. I say logo, but it’s a hazard sign. Fire hazard probably! Her clothes give out a message that life isn’t just about wearing sophisticated outfits, but rather encourages everyone to be bold and daring in their fashion choices; wearing everything that makes you look and feel beautiful – not just what is currently socially acceptable or the norm. Just like this dumpster jacket :).

Plays with Colors

Plaid has been quite popular. It is loved by everyone, and Kimmy has taken note of that. She has incorporated plaid into her jackets. People who live in places with cold winters and want to follow the latest fashion trends, don’t need to feel discouraged by the lack of colorful choices. You can now be both warm and comfortable at the same time. The intricate design and color combination makes it look classy and chic. Most people consider these colors more geared toward the feminine, but she has incorporated them into men’s clothes as well.

Muffle it up

Mufflers are an essential during fall and winters. Kimmy.J certainly didn’t forget adding a blanket scarf as it’s now all the rage! The color is sober and can be worn with anything. She has paired it with a neon long coat that resembles a fireman’s coat.

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