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Youn Hee Park Makes Sherlock Holmes Inspired Outfits

Designer Youn Hee Park was inspired by Sherlock Homes and has incorporated the art of that movie in her designs. Her FW 2017 collection was completed with the use of classic checked prints, designs unique and true to the Greedilous label, and has perfected the collection with effeminate, classy silhouettes.

Unique Styles

Her designs are inspirational. She plays with colors and creates her own unique designs that are lively and has a way of complimenting the figure at the same time. Like the image above, she has made an entire suit from the use of patterns. The monochromatic print makes the outfit look outstanding. Looking closely at the suit, some parts of the design are only exclusive to the back of the outfit, which make Greedilous even more unique from the typical designs.

Go Black

Black is the color of courage. Her design has incorporated the message that women should be bold and confident. It is not always about wearing light and vibrant colors, wearing all black with a pop from the red leather gloves can be more than enough to make a statement. Park has designed a peplum blazer with a pair of sleek skinny pants and black high heels. The use of the color black makes the outfit look even more chic while still staying true the feeling of boldness that emanates from it.


Looks like black is Park’s favorite color. Well, why wouldn’t it be? She is inspired by Mr. Holmes and all the stories he’s in; being mysterious and difficult to read, her collection is somewhat the same. She has made a sparkly black velvet jacket and paired it with a mini skirt that hold the same mysterious kind of feel. Along with it, she is wearing black leather high heels. This can easily be worn to a party or dinner during the winters. It will look formal whatever the occasion and keep you warm at the same time.

All the colors in the world

Park loves to play with colors. She uses a bunch of different colors in her designs and creates her own color combinations. For instance, she has designed a shocking hot red pantsuit with a pink fur jacket on top. Paired with a colorful printed scarf wrapped around the neck which further convey elegance and sophistication.

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