KenseyJean 2016

By KenseyJean

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I knowwwwww, it’s late haha! Don’t even get me started as I sit here sobbing trying to get this post out! I’m not too devastated though but I came to the realization as I was laying in bed a few weeks ago that my next birthday rolls around in two months. The problem comes down to the fact that i didn’t post my last birthday from 2016. Now granted, it was celebrated two months late due to me shooting NYFW during my birthday week. That leaves me 8 months late posting about my birthday. Not going to lie, I do feel a little ashamed because I’m not really sure how to vlog well or create some spectacular blogs yet. I want to create lots of quality content but it feels more of a mental game than anything. The most important thing is that I’m getting it done and that I keep pushing forward. But here we are….

KenseyJean 2016

My 23rd birthday was officially celebrated with my friends Jana and Lily whom I had met during my time in Korea 2016. It was a small celebration and we spent time at an overnight cafe talking; I about to pass out from the lack of sleep. Dedication yo. Instead of talking about my birthday in Korea that happened months ago, let’s focus onwards. My major wish for my next birthday is to be surrounded by good company, have some surprises, and have lots of photos and videos of myself. Maybe to you that sounds self-centered and my mother always reminds me of that… but having parents and family who never really acknowledged all the photos and videos you took and forgot to take photos of you too at these family gatherings, is a tad heartbreaking. Photos mean so much to me. Perhaps it allows me to feel acknowledged and remembered for all that I do for others. As I take behind the scenes photos for magazines or event shots, the only photos missing are the ones of me. Who is to take my photos?? There is no face to the person taking the photos. So lots and lots of photos is a must. I pray that while I’ll probably be working NYFW during my birthday week/two weeks, that this year I get to celebrate it not two months late, but the same week. I dedicate a lot to what I’m called to do. I realize my birthday is the price paid to cover NYFW. Sigh… Anyway to onward and upward and to feeling loved and appreciated. Thank you god, amen haha!

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