KenseyJean 2016

By KenseyJean

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Jana and I decided to take a mini trip to Busan at the start of November 2016. We decided on Busan because Busan had it’s own unique feel from the photos we’ve looked through. Also because I wanted to get as far away from Seoul as possible haha!! Partially because I believe that distance creates more variety between locations, but also because it is a city by the sea – and who doesn’t want to visit the ocean?

KenseyJean 2016 – Busan

We took the slow train because of the significant price difference, but with a 3x longer price attached haha (6 hours). On the way back though we took the bullet train back to Seoul due to time constraints and for comfort. Busan was a few day trip. We left Seoul with our winter coats from the cold winter air starting and as we landed, it was way too hot to wear a winter coat! Wasn’t expecting that all in November. People seemed more relaxed, happy, and the scenic views of the Gamcheon village were breathtaking with all the splashes of color. People seemed more relaxed and carefree in Busan, Seoul felt more rush rush.

KenseyJean 2016 – Busan

Despite being a little agitated from the lack of sleep and all the travel we’ve been doing, Jana and I achieved what we wanted to do given the limited time frame. We went to the Haeundae Beach, Sea Life Busan Aquarium(happy I didn’t see any whales and the like), traveled the city, karaoke (noreaebang 노래방), and Gamcheon Culture Village 부산 감천문화마을 .

KenseyJean 2016 – Busan

Food, travel, and accommodations were much cheaper compared to Seoul! I definitely want to stay a little longer next time I go. And friends always make traveling much more enjoyable too, so thank you Jana :D!

KenseyJean 2016 – Busan


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