By KenseyJean

Model: 유성찬 You Sung Chan

Photographer/Cinematographer: Kensey Jean

Behind the Scenes & Assistants: Jana Hübert, 박승운 Park Seoung Un, and 최유현 Choi Yoo Hyun


Photos and Media are Copyrighted KenseyJean, please ask for permission (and properly credit back to my site/social media) before using. 


I had the honor of working with both Jal Dae Hyun and You Sung Chan during my short stay in South Korea. My goal was not only to travel for a month and attend Seoul Fashion Week SS17, but also have the chance to hold some photo-shoots and expand my own portfolio – which all came together on the last day of my trip haha! The night previous, still wanting to achieve this last goal of mine, I frantically asked around (in broken Korean and at 1am) for some talented models via instagram. Luckily Jal Dae Hyun and You Sung Chan had answered my messages and agreed to work with me xD!

Now, You Sung Chan, he I had met outside after one of my SFW SS17 shows. He and his friends were together and my friend Jana implanted the idea in my head that we should go over and take a photo with him and his posse of tall fashionable friends(I think all of them are models.) Of course I accepted her challenge hahaha! So the night before when I was looking for male models and scrolled through all the screenshots of all the people I had met at Seoul Fashion Week, I decided to reach out to Sung Chan. If not for my wonderful friend, Jana, for suggesting that group photo, I would have not met Sung Chan, Park Seoung Un, and Choi Yoo Hyun. And ultimately, would not have achieved one of the goals I had set for Korea. It’s funny how things just fall into place at the right time. At that time he didn’t have much of a portfolio, but I saw how talented he was and knew he’d be perfect for the second shoot.


This photoshoot was more of a surprise than Jal Dae Hyun’s. I think part of the reason was that I knew less of what to expect for the shoot and what kind of style Sung Chan would choose. He also had mentioned that he would be rushing over to meet us (Jana and I) after his class, so there wasn’t much we could sort out given the limited time frame. The only thing that I knew for certain was that this shoot absolutely had to be at Bukchon Hanok Village 북촌한옥마을  because of the unique design and layout of the neighborhood. Also something I had felt would be difficult to replicate back at home –  given the authentic Korean charm it had.

KenseyJean 2016 – Models You Sung Chan, Park Seoung Un, and Choi Yoo Hyun

Sung Chan also brought along two of his other friends, Park Seoung Un, and Choi Yoo Hyun (also models) that would help him to translate from English. Like I had mentioned previously in my other posts, my Korean is limited, although I think directing photoshoots is much easier than say holding a conference, being among a crowd of people who hold a different language than you, and expecting the messages that you are trying to convey will be fully understood. Nonetheless, it was fairly easy to direct the shoot through body language regardless of our language barrier. His friends were an awesome addition to the shoot, and helped tremendously whilst freezing from the cold November air; they all might have started to turn blue lmao. What troupers!!  The shoot was cut short because of the weather limitation, but with the given circumstances, we were able to produce some awesome photos and video footage.

KenseyJean 2016

To thank the squad for all their help and literally freezing their bones off for the sake of the shoot, I had bought them all Starbucks. It was a great end to my Korea Trip. And with T- like 7 hours till my flight home, all the wonderful people and the models I had met, made Korea a very memorable experience for me :)! I can’t wait to return!

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