KenseyJean 2016

By KenseyJean

Model: 정대현 Jal Dae Hyun – SF Models

Photographer/Cinematographer: Kensey Jean

Behind the Scenes & Assistant: Jana Hübert


Photos and Media are Copyrighted KenseyJean, please ask for permission (and properly credit back to my site/social media) before using.


I had the honor of working with both Jal Dae Hyun and You Sung Chan during my short stay in South Korea. My goal was not only to travel for a month and attend Seoul Fashion Week SS17, but also have the chance to hold some photo-shoots and expand my own portfolio – which all came together on the last day of my trip haha! The night previous, still wanting to achieve this last goal of mine, I frantically asked around (in broken Korean and at 1am) for some talented models via instagram. Luckily Jal Dae Hyun and You Sung Chan had answered my messages and agreed to work with me xD!

My main idea for Dae Hyun’s shoot was to shoot at one of the temples and produce some dream-like photos. I would have preferred partnering up with some designers and other creatives as well, but as it turned out, working with Dae Hyun, an extremely talented model (you would think it’d be easy to find ingenious models, but alas that’s rarely the case), was more than I could have asked for. Bribing some wonderful tourists for their Traditional Korean Hat (Gat), by getting Dae Hyun to model with them worked out well too hahaha! Kindness goes far XD! The rest was all Photo Manipulation to achieve the vision I had.

KenseyJean 2016

While I turned away to look at the footage and shots, his quirky personality had popped out; I know this because my dear friend and lovely assistant, Jana Hübert, had captured all the behind the scenes stuff for me haha! It’s always an entertaining time when models let their personalities shine through.

After the shoot, I managed to stuff both of their faces for a job well done haha! Mission accomplished xD.

Jana Hübert 2016

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