By KenseyJean

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Seoul Fashion Week SS 2017 introduced me to a dramatic myriad of gorgeous new trends and some gloriously vintage styles. But before we get straight to the business of trend forecasting, I must admit my overwhelmed feelings towards three of the most generous and kind-hearted designers, Yongkyun ShinSujichoi, YounHee Park and Lyn Jun Park.

These larger than life and amazingly talented designers went out of their way to grant me access to their shows. Even though everything was set up in a very last minute affair, and it was a very chaotic time for both the designers and I, the designers took great measures to make me feel welcomed. However, my preference towards their collections has nothing to do with the fact that these powerhouse designers disrupted their busy schedules only to meet up with me. But I do firmly belief in the fact that being kind goes far, and its graciousness reflects in one’s art and creativity.

And now, let’s get started with My TOP 3 Favorite Shows at Seoul Fashion Week SS17 (In no particular order):

  1. Alogon – Instagram – Full Gallery

This insanely bold collection was all about loud and strong designs, with lethal elements like bondage-style coats, multiple dress belts, police tape detailing, and heaps of military-style ornamentation. It stayed true to its theme throughout, which happens to be “Danger: Keep Out”. The collection was brimming with originality and certain pieces even hinted upon industrial inspired styles.

There were plenty of military greens, faded blues, neon orange and an irresistibly energetic pop of red, which came in a delighted series of moto jackets and outwear apparel. I absolutely loved Alogon’s take on the raging trend of corsets, it was utterly and delightfully edgy!

  1. Pale Turquoise – Instagram – Full Gallery

Insanely talented designer, Lyn Jun Park, gave us a delightful dose of K-Pop glamour with his gorgeous color palette of sleek silver, black, blue and naturally, heaps of turquoise. The dewy and radiant models gave us some serious goals to flaunt the ragingly trendy platinum bobs, while the collection itself was truly a minimalist lover’s delight. With accents like subtle sequins, metallic detailing, lace, delicate florals, graphic prints and much more, this collection is hands down the most luxurious and glamorous take on eco-friendly fashion till date.

  1. GreedilousInstagram Full Gallery

This highly coveted collection was all about impeccably tailored silhouettes, geometric prints, abstract patterns, delicate accents, and bright hues. It put-forward a generous variety of gorgeous trends, such as delicate ruffles, frilled detailing, lace accents, bright hued florals, fiery orange neons, and much more. It also gave us a delightful beauty check on fishtail braids and radiantly glowing faces.

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