By KenseyJean

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Hey everyone! I’m Kensey. This is the first video in my vlogging series about what I have experienced during my time in Korea. It’s late publishing this series, but I think in the whole scheme of things, everything is falling into place perfectly. I feel my story is being shared at the right time.

KenseyJean 2016

The reasons why I decided to go Korea are quite simple. I’ve always been drawn to Asian culture and a lot of my work is inspired by it. I sometimes joke that I was Asian in my past life. All jokes aside, I truly believe I was Asian in my past life haha! Going to Korea has always been a dream of mine. I was finally able to make this dream come true in October 2016! Deciding how long I would stay was something I had pondered for a long time, but I came to the decision of one month. One month would be more than enough time to truly dip my feet in the water and experience the culture – plus between finances and other previous obligations, one month of time is what I was gifted. As I’m writing this, it is now 6 months later. Between editing the photos I had taken during my time in Korea and organizing my plan of action for where I would like to go in the future, I will have spent a lot of time and energy organizing my thoughts of how to best tell my experiences. However that’s just the natural progression of all things. Everything takes time. I really do hope I’m able to open some doors and a whole new world of possibility for those who are contemplating visiting Korea.

I’m sure some of you have been asking yourselves how I funded my trip. I saved up and created a plan for about a year. I knew from the bottom of my soul that October 2016 was when I was to go to Korea. No question about it. Of course I was a bit terrified, but it just felt “right.” I trusted that the universe, god, what have you, would bring all my resources together. However, traveling to a foreign country by yourself is not just about the financial resources, but also the inner strength you have wielded for yourself. It’s a test of character. And I describe this time as a game of the many games of life. I am very proud of myself with how I have used my allotted time in Korea.

KenseyJean 2016

Korea did not turn out the way I originally expected it to. At the same time it had played out perfectly and better than what I had planned. Korea challenged my way of thinking, my strengths, my happiness, my motivation, and shook up my life – literally the tower card for those tarot aficionados out there. Whatever obstacles that presented themselves in Korea (and there were many), I pushed myself to my limits to use this one month wisely; to focus on my long term goals and to be brave enough to step outside into this foreign world. There are many pros and cons to whether one should travel alone or with others. For me, traveling alone was divinely meant for me. I believe I was able to experience things and talk to people I wouldn’t otherwise be able to if I were bound to another or a group of people. I was able to hold the reigns of the time I had in Korea and not be bound to the plans of others. This experience was truly my own and based on my own efforts.

Luckily when I needed a friend the most, a friend presented themselves at the right time! My friend Jana and I had met through Instagram during my first week in Korea. It’s funny, I’ve have met many wonderful friends through Instagram and on the interwebs. We were both in Korea traveling and decided to meet up. Not even fully into my first full week of being in Korea, problems arose. My Korean friend had kicked me out (cultural reasons that I’m not yet ready to discuss.) I’m grateful that I had a really great friend at the exact time that I needed one the most. Although I say she is a blessing, in many ways I believe I was the friend she needed as well on her travels :). This is what I mean by how traveling alone can test your character and your strengths. So I would like to give a shout out to my wonderful friend Jana for helping me make my South Korea trip an overall success!

KenseyJean is a Photographer, Influencer and Youtuber that covers fashion, travel, culture, art, self development, and spirituality. She is the creater of AWAKENEDTRAVELERS, a movement currently being made. She seeks to awaken and empower the souls within each of us as we travel this physical reality together.

Kensey is based on Long Island NY and frequents NYC. She is on a mission to create a global community centered around all things beautiful, genuine, and empowering.